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Exclusion Procedures

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Exclusion Procedures


Good discipline in schools is essential to ensure that all pupils can benefit from the opportunities provided by education.  This includes having clear policies and procedures in place to manage behaviour.  Exclusion procedures may form part of the school’s Behaviour Policy.  The decision to exclude a pupil must be lawful, reasonable and fair.  Headteachers, Principals, Teachers in Charge of PRUs, GBs, LAs and Independent Review Panels must have regard to the DfE guidance, and in Buckinghamshire, the local guidance (below) when making decisions on exclusions and administering the exclusion procedure.  It is the role of the Governing Body to determine whether an excluded pupil should be reinstated.  This involves reviewing the decision of the headteacher and considering the outcome of any independent review panel hearing.

Review frequency: Every three years.

Local Guidance


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