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Early Years Foundation Stage (Statutory)

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Early Years Foundation Stage (Statutory)

Applies to

Maintained Schools, Academies,  Free Schools, Independent Schools, Non Maintained Special Schools



Those delivering the EYFS are required to have policies and procedures on a range of issues covering safeguarding and welfare. These are set out in detail in the ‘Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’. Schools are not required to have separate policies to cover EYFS requirements where they are already met through an existing policy. An EYFS profile assessment is required for each child during the academic year they reach the age of five (for most children this is the reception year in primary school) and nursery settings catering for children under three must complete a summary check when a child is aged two.


Governing body free to determine.

Review frequency

Varies; please see guidance.

Local Guidance  

BCC Early Years

Role of the Early Years Governor

DfE Guidance

Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Please also see information on the DfE website about the EYFS curriculum.

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