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Behaviour Policy (Statutory)

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Behaviour Policy (Statutory)

Applies to

MS, Acad, FS, PRUs, IS, NMSS


The headteacher must decide the standard of behaviour of pupils and set out measures in the behaviour policy, which take account of any guidance or notification provided by the governing body.  The headteacher must publicise the school behaviour policy, in writing, to staff, parents and pupils at least once a year.

Strategies to safeguard against cyber bullying may be included in the Child Protection Policy or Behaviour Policy, or both.


Head teacher

Review frequency:

Head teacher free to determine (recommended - at least every 3 years)

DfE Guidance:

Statutory Guidance March 2012:


Maintained schools

Education and Inspection Act 2006: Section 89.

The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012

Academies, FreeSchools and IndependentSchools – Independent School Standards Regulations (Schedule 1 part 3 paragraph 9).

It is a REQUIREMENT to publish this information on the School’s website.

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