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Welcome to Governor Zone; your resource for all information relating to Governance. 

New to governance? Visit Induction to help get you started.

Click here for an e-copy of our 2017/18 training brochure or visit our training pages for more information.

N.B. In future, this site will use the generic term 'board' to refer to all accountable bodies in line with other organisations such as the Department for Education (DfE) and the National Governors Association. The term should be taken to mean the accountable body for the school or group of schools: in local authority (LA) maintained schools, this will be the governing body and in an academy trust this will be the board of trustees.  Documents will be updated as they are reviewed.

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If you would like to discuss what Governor Services can offer in more detail, or if you have already bought into Governor services but are unable to access the site please contact us govhelp@learningtrust.net  01296 383180



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