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GDPR Guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation)

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GDPR Guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR compliance guidelines: new data protection legislation

At Computer Silhouette LCDSome of you will be aware of changes to Data Protection Legislation coming in May 2018 and we wanted to take this opportunity to share some useful resources to help you understand the requirements and changes in this new legislation. If you have already been reading about this topic, the material below should provide more information for those less familiar with the topic, this should help you get up to speed.

We recommend reviewing the material linked below and considering the ways that this legislation will impact upon how you collect, use, store and manage the data

This is not a revolution in data protection law but is an evolution that enhances the existing standards and safeguards that as professionals you have been upholding for many years. With this in mind I would stress that although the terminology might seem different, the values that underpin this work are entirely in line with the values you will already uphold in relation to privacy, confidentiality and personal data use.

As an introduction to this topic, we would recommend the following available on the Information Commissioners Office website:

GDPR – 12 steps to take now (PDF)

This is the standard preparatory guidance from the regulator. Use this to consider how best to review practices in your school. Some won’t apply to you but it remains a good starting point.

Data Controllers – Self Assessment

This is basic readiness assessment that should hopefully give you a steer as to the areas you could improve practice.

GDPR Myth busting

There are many myths in relation to this new legislation. I would 100% recommend this blog from the regulator that breaks down some of the ‘myths’ that have been unfairly spread around on this topic over the last few months.

Future Learn - Introduction to GDPR

If you are looking for some introductory training for either yourselves or the person tasked with championing Data Protection in your school. This detailed and free training package would be useful in developing their skills.

GDPR – ICO guidance

The regulator’s generic guidance on GDPR is a good place to read some more detail on key components of the legislation

Data Protection for Schools (YouTube)

A video from the regulator outlining what you should already be doing in relation to the current legislation

ICO guidance for schools

Homepage for schools data protection guidance

Contact: BCC GDPR Project Team

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