Intermediate Excel

Intermediate Excel


This course will expand your Excel knowledge and skills. This course is aimed at those that have an understanding of the basics of Microsoft Excel such as creating workbook, using AutoFill and AutoSum, constructing formulae, Absolute Cell References and formatting worksheets.

Suitable For: Any member of staff within the school or an academy.

Date & Venue: TBC

Cost: If you have a Finance package 150 credits per delegate or if no Finance Package purchased please refer to Schools Finance Packages 



By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create Charts
  • Manipulate and Control Worksheets
  • Link Data from one Worksheet to Another
  • Apply Different Pasting Techniques
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Validate Data Entry
  • Sort/Filter Data



Formulas and functions

How to use formulas such as: if, and, or, Vlookup, sumif, count, countif.  Use of the Function wizard to construct your formulas.

Worksheet techniques

How to rename, insert, delete, move, copy and hide worksheets.

Data linking

How to link data contained within another workbook to your current workbook.

Creating charts

How to create charts based on the data contained within your workbook (e.g. pie charts, bar charts, line graphs etc.)

Special pasting

How to apply special pasting techniques (e.g. paste values, paste formats, paste formulas, transposing ranges etc.)

Conditional formatting

How to apply specific formats to cells based on the entry within them.


How to insert a hyperlink into a worksheet.

Sorting data

How to sort data using multiple criteria.

Filtering data

How to filter data based on custom criteria.


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