3 Year Salary Modeller

3 Year Salary Modeller Workshop

The next 3 year Salary Modeller workshop to assist with 2022/23 budget will be held in January 2022.

Details will be published in the Autumn term.


Please see below on how the previous training was delivered in January 2021

We are pleased to offer our annual Salary modeller training to assist with setting your budget for 2021/22 and planning for the following two years.

The provisional budget deadline is Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

The training will consist of a one hour practical hands-on demonstration delivered via Microsoft Teams. This will be followed by a two hour window for you to work on your modeller and be able to access support from the team if you have further questions specific to your school or further guidance.

There will be four on-line training sessions covered over two days.

 9.30-10.30 followed by a support window 10.30-12.30

 12.30-1.30 followed by a support window 1.30-3.30

Book your place using the Eventbrite link, if possible using an email address which includes your school name so we can identify your school. Once we have received your booking we will send an email to the address provided with a link to access the Microsoft teams meeting.

You will be sent your 2021-22 salary modeller prior to the session for you to work on during the training, there is no requirement for you to send in your current 2020-21 salary modeller prior to the sessions.

If you require further support you will be able to book a 20 minute slot and we will arrange a Microsoft teams meeting to enable you to share your salary modeller with us on screen.

Further support slots will be available from 10-2pm following the training.

Further details on how to book will be advised during the sessions.

The discounted package of the training and tool will be 200 credits which will be deducted from your finance package (tool cost – 100 credits deducted from 2021/22 package). Cost is £244 if no finance package purchased.

To explain the salary modeller tool designed to assist schools to prepare a financial plan for the next financial year and provisional plans for the following two years. Review the financial plan with the predicted surplus/deficit.
Suitable For: All Finance Staff and Head teachers.

By the end of the course you will be able to:
• Effectively use and understand all aspects of the 3 Year Salary Modeller.
• Understand how the tool can be used for budget monitoring and forecast outturn.

• Comprehensive demonstration of the full functionality of the 3 Year Salary Modeller.
• Maintenance Menu – an understanding of how this relates to their salary calculations
• Employee input screen including Maternity Calculator – how to add and edit staff contracts
• Financial Plan – enabling schools to estimate their end of year out-turn and plan their forthcoming Budget
• Budget Monitoring – enabling schools to analyse their performance against budget and estimate their likely out-turn at    the end of the financial year
• Reports and Forms Menu including use of Maternity, Proportional and FTE Calculator


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