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3 Year Salary Modeller

3 Year Salary Modeller Workshop


A practical workshop to explain and work on the salary modeller tool which is  designed to assist schools to prepare a financial plan for the next financial year and provisional plans for the following two years. Review the financial plan with the predicted surplus/deficit. You will receive a ready loaded spreadsheet at the beginning of the course to work on and take away,

Suitable For: All Finance Staff and Head teachers.

Date & Venue: Please see the Training Schedule

Time: Half day 9.30-12.30 or 1.30-4.30 as per demand.

Refreshments provided.

Cost: If you have a Finance package the course will be charged at 100 credits for the first delegate and 50 credits for an additional delegate and the salary modeller tool is 100 credits.

If you buy the tool alone with no training the cost is 120 credits

If no Finance Package has been purchased please refer to Schools Finance Packages.



By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Effectively use and understand all aspects of the 3 Year Salary Modeller.
  • Understand how the tool can be used for budget monitoring and forecast outturn.



  • Salary modeller tool- work individually on a PC using a ready loaded spreadsheet to work on and take away.
  • Comprehensive demonstration of the full functionality of the 3 Year Salary Modeller.
  • Maintenance Menu – an understanding of how this relates to their salary calculations
  • Employee input screen including Maternity Calculator – how to add and edit staff contracts
  • Financial Plan – enabling schools to estimate their end of year out-turn and plan their forthcoming Budget
  • Budget Monitoring – enabling schools to analyse their performance against budget and estimate their likely out-turn at the end of the financial year
  • Reports and Forms Menu including use of Maternity, Proportional and FTE Calculator


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