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Retention of Documents

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Retention of Documents

What You Need to Know

Prime (Original) documentation has to be retained for future use/reference.  If the documentation remains in your school, it is your responsibility to ensure it is kept for the required length of time as per the table below – please note that the retention period excludes the current year and is in full financial years:

  Years   Years
Cheque stubs (or paid cheques, if available) 6 Copy receipts 6
Cancelled receipts   3 Cancelled cheques 3
Copy orders 6 Paid invoices  6
Bank statements/paying-in slips 6 Income accounts 6
Local Financial System data & hard copy reports 6 Remittance advices 6
Signed delivery notes   6    

e.g. original invoices processed in June 2012 will need to be kept  until March 2019.

If your records are photocopies there is no official retention period (e.g. invoices at non cheque-book schools).  However, we would recommend that you keep them for the rest of the financial year plus the whole of the following year.

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