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What You Need to Know

There are several payment methods that are permitted for LA Schools: purchasing card, local bank account cheque (for schools with own bank accounts), BACS and imprest cheque.

Goods or Services should have been received unless payment is by imprest account or purchasing card (which are mainly for minor purchases). 

The majority of invoices are paid via through schools Financial Management System (FMS).  Please refer to your ICT provider for guidance on paying invoices through FMS.

What You Need to Do

  • When an invoice is received, check that the goods/services have been received before payment, (pre-payments should be avoided) and that the invoice is accurate.  If this is not the case, or the invoice is not clear, contact the supplier.
  • Ensure that the invoice is not a duplicate or a copy where the payment has already been made by purchasing card/imprest payment.  FMS should advise if a duplicate invoice number is entered for payment.
  • If a pro-forma invoice has been received, the invoice can be paid.  You cannot recover the VAT on a pro-forma invoice so it must be paid gross – once a VAT invoice/receipt has been received, it should be forwarded to the VAT Officer at Bucks CC who can make an adjustment and recover the VAT for your school budget.
  • Invoices should be processed promptly to comply with payment terms.
  • Non-Cheque Book Schools  

–        details of the person(s) permitted to authorise batches should be sent to the Finance Team.   Any amendments to signatories  Change of signatory form for Invoice batch authorisations   should be emailed to financeservicedesk@buckscc.gov.uk

–        Batches should be authorised promptly and the invoices forwarded to County as soon as possible (please bear in mind your courier collection day when processing invoices to ensure that they are collected as soon after processing as possible).   Please be aware that due to the reduction in the regularity of the courier service we may well contact you for a scan of any invoices which have failed to upload due to errors in processing.

  • Cheque Book Schools

–        ensure that cheques are not pre-signed, and are only signed by authorised signatories

–        if on-line banking, ensure only authorised staff process the payments and that logins are not shared by staff.

 Please see Retention of documents information for how long invoices should be kept in school.

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