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School Funds/ Voluntary Funds

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School Funds/ Voluntary Funds

School Funds

Following an extensive review income that is collected via an Income Provider will need to be paid directly into school budget via Buckinghamshire receipts account rather than into the school fund account.  

Please see new guidance pages

If you are still using your school fund account for income collection please refer to the above guidance and advise us by email schoolfinance@buckscc.gov.uk

Any income relating to school activity should be paid directly into the school budget this includes School Meals, School Trips/Activities, Lettings, Before and After Schools Clubs, Sales, Exam Fees, Music Lessons. Please see the school code list for the appropriate code.

Cash and cheques relating to school activity should be banked directly into school budget using a paying in book for the BCC receipts account. A paying in book can be requested using the service desk portal link on the front page on the Finance Zone.

Receipt of donations or fund raising activities can be made into the school fund if the school does not have a voluntary fund.


Voluntary funds

Whilst operated by school staff voluntary funds should only be used for receipt of donations and other fund raising activities.   

Please see link to current information for School funds, Voluntary funds & Private funds



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