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Income provider guidance-ParentPay

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Income provider guidance-ParentPay

This information is for Non Cheque Book Schools

What you need to do

  • ParentPay will have set up the Buckinghamshire County Council receipts account on your system and instructions on how to link relevant income products to that account.

Products in ParentPay should be set up in the same way as usual but if the income from the product is budget share income the product must be linked to the County’s Receipts account. This includes income for School Meals, School Trips/Activities, Lettings, Before and After Schools Clubs, Sales, Exam Fees, Music Lessons, etc.

  • Any non-budget share income does not have to be paid into the BCC receipts account and can be linked to PTA or a separate School Fund Account. Examples of this type of income includes sale of 2nd hand uniform, charitable income and donations.
  • ParentPay have guidelines on how to link GL account codes to relevant income.
  • The payment transferred from ParentPay to BCC receipts account will reconcile with a report to confirm the school’s DFE number, the GL codes against which income has been allocated and the period (date range). The Accounts Receivable Team can use this information to allocate the income to the correct school using the allocated GL codes.
  • It is essential the school allocates to the correct GL code. If invalid codes or no codes have been set up the income will be allocated to GL943750 ‘Temporary School Income’ and the school is responsible for raising a journal Eform to allocate to the correct code. The Temporary School Income code GL943750 should be reconciled monthly within school to ensure there is a nil balance.  Please journal using Eform Journal BSAD
  • Any income received from ParentPay will be included in the relevant reconciliation file in the following month. This can be accepted in the normal way to add the income to FMS.
  • It will be the schools’ responsibility to reconcile the income from ParentPay against the relevant GL codes with the reports that are produced in school from the ParentPay account. The reconciliation will be based on the date range for the income period.

What you no longer need to do

  • As Income will now be paid directly into school budget Schools will no longer have to record income on FMS and create a Receipt Authorisation Control List (RACL).
  • The Accounts Receivable Team can also reclaim VAT for transaction charges as they have access to VAT invoices on the ParentPay system have access to VAT invoices on the ParentPay system.

Please see an example below of allocation from BCC bank statement to school budget by the Accounts Receivable Team:-

Credit gross income to GL code as specified (or GL943750)

Debit transaction charges to GL588010 net of VAT which will be charged to VAT code.


To make a refund for a pupil (eg for a cancelled trip) the refund should be credited to the ‘Parent Account’ This then sits as a balance which can be requested as a withdrawal from ParentPay or transferred to another payment item.

The refund is shown as a negative amount against the school’s payment item from the next available settlement (this shows in the refund column on the settlement statement).

If you are unable to select the refund tab (if it is greyed out) please contact the ParentPay support team.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers for before & after school clubs can be accepted on you system. Please see following guidelines however the process may differ depending on the Childcare Provider and you Income Provider, please check.

  • The parent can use their vouchers to make a payment on their childcare voucher company website by selecting their school.
  • The school needs to set up the BCC receipts account with the company asking for their DFE number & GL943010 to be quoted as reference.
  • When the parent makes a payment a remittance will be sent to the school and the payment is received into BCC receipts account.
  • The school logs onto the Income provider system (under subsidies) to record the amount has been paid by voucher.
  • If the parent pays a lump sum the school can allocate against any outstanding amounts and the balance will appear as a credit.


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