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Income collection providers

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Income collection providers


It was brought to our attention that the current way in which some schools use their school fund account to receive income from parents and other external sources for school related activities was inappropriate.  Therefore following extensive work with income providers, schools and authority colleagues we have produced the following guidance.

Income collected via an Income provider that is due to the Budget Share must be paid directly into the school budget account via BCC Receipts Account rather than into the school fund account.

This includes income for:

  • school meals
  • school trips/ activities
  • lettings
  • before and after schools clubs
  • sales
  • exam fees
  • music lessons, etc

A number of schools have already made the change but if you are still having budget related monies paid into your school fund account please see guidance below.

Please ensure you have changed your bank account details on your Income provider system by 31 October 2018. Please see attached details for BCC Receipts Account.

Income received by cash or cheque should be banked directly into the BCC Receipts Account using a paying in book. If you do not have a paying in book for the BCC Receipts Account, please request one via the Service Desk Portal.


The process is slightly different for schools using ParentPay.


If you have any questions please email schoolfinance@buckscc.gov.uk

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