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FR 9 Legal Procedures

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FR 9 Legal Procedures


The Local Authority retains an interest in legal matters which may arise in relation to schools.  This regulation sets out the powers that the Head of Legal Services has in this respect.  Also, it is important that companies set up by schools comply with all relevant legislation, in the interests of both the school and the Local Authority.  Advice should therefore be sought from the Head of Legal Services before establishing such organisations.


9.1     The Head of Legal Services shall be empowered to institute legal proceedings for recovery of sums due to the Authority and for the possession of Authority property, to lay information, make complaints, institute, defend or settle proceedings, or take legal action to enforce rights or obligations to appear at public enquiries where in his opinion it is in the Authority's interest, and to engage counsel.

9.2      The Head of Legal Services shall be consulted before a school establishes any company. 

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