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FI 13 Security

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FI 13 Security


The Authority's large investment in stocks, stores, furniture and equipment at schools requires that adequate security arrangements exist to safeguard against potential risks of theft, fraud or irregularity. These instructions seek to ensure that sufficient measures are taken by Governing Bodies to safeguard property and cash to minimise these risks. Additional controls are needed at schools operating local bank accounts. Detailed guidance is set out  on SchoolsWeb.


13.1    Each Governing Body is responsible to the Head of Finance for maintaining adequate arrangements at all times for the security of all stocks, stores, furniture, equipment, cash and other property of the Authority under its control.

13.2  Maximum limits for official cash holdings at establishments shall be agreed with the Head of Finance.

13.3    Keys to safes and similar receptacles, storerooms and secure areas shall be kept at all times in the possession of the responsible persons nominated by the Headteacher.

13.4   Valuable, portable and attractive items of property purchased from the school budget share shall be marked as Authority property.

13.5   Adequate arrangements shall be made for the security of portable and desirable items of property when not in use.

Schools operating local bank accounts:

13.6    Adequate arrangements for the separation of duties shall be made by the Headteacher in relation to the authorisation of orders, certification of invoices and signature of cheques and the preparation of accounts, control of arrears and the collection and banking of income.

13.7    Safe and efficient arrangements shall be made by the Headteacher for the procurement, security, signature and control of cheques and for the safe retention of paid invoices and other prime documents for the periods specified by the Head of Finance.

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