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FI 11 Insurances

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FI 11 Insurances


The insurance of school property and activities is a service provided by the Authority which the schools can purchase, although the school can elect to make its own arrangements. These instructions seek to provide a common process, which will ensure that all risks are continually reviewed and adequate cover provided.  Full details of the insurance cover provided by the Authority, additional cover available for school buildings and contents and a range of optional insurance cover for consideration by schools are set out on SchoolsWeb.


11.1    Governing Bodies shall be free to take out additional insurance to indemnify against those risks not covered.

11.2    As soon as a potential new risk becomes apparent, or the need for an additional activity or alteration affecting an existing risk becomes evident, the Headteacher shall notify the Head of Finance, in writing where appropriate.

11.3    The Headteacher shall immediately notify the Head of Finance in writing of any loss, liability or damage or any event likely to lead to a claim under the Authority's insurance programme, and shall take such other action as may be advised by the Head of Finance in order to satisfy any insurance policy conditions, including informing the police where appropriate.

11.4    The Headteacher shall immediately notify all other losses of an insurable nature to the Head of Finance as determined by him/her.

11.5    The Governing Body shall annually review all insurances in respect of the school. The Head of Property Services shall be responsible for reviewing the value of all school buildings owned by the Authority, except in so far as may be agreed otherwise in writing with the Head of Finance, for insurance purposes and shall notify the Head of Finance accordingly.

11.6    Neither the Headteacher nor the Governing Body shall grant indemnity against any loss without prior consultation with the Head of Finance and the Head of Legal Services concerning the terms of any indemnity which the Authority or Governing Body is requested to give and which potentially impacts on the Authority's insured or self-insured arrangements.

11.7     Where any school has elected to make its own arrangements for insurance, the Council reserves the right to monitor and approve the adequacy of the cover arranged in order to protect its own interests.

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