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Contingency Fund (SSCF)

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Contingency Fund (SSCF)


In Buckinghamshire, a contingency fund has been established. This is in accordance with current regulations1, to assist schools where, for a range of potential reasons they are experiencing financial difficulty to a degree likely to impact adversely on the education of pupils. This fund is known as the Schools Specific Contingency Fund. (SSCF)

Contingency panel meeting dates 2018-19

Please note that there will be only one Meeting of the schools contingency panel per year going forward.

Meeting to be held on Friday 1 March 2019. All applications to the fund need to be in by Friday 1 February 2019

Please ensure all documents are emailed to schoolfinance@buckscc.gov.uk

Together with your completed and signed application form, the application must be supported by an up-to-date forecast of the school’s projected year end income & expenditure and resulting surplus/deficit (such forecasts to be provided by utilising the standard financial reporting process).

Additional information or evidence may be included in covering letters etc. to support the school’s application.

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