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E-form Journals

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E-form Journals

A journal is required to be completed to move actual expenditure or income between general ledger codes within a school’s budget or between Bucks maintained schools.

How to raise a Journal

The journal is completed via an Eform. Evidence will need to be attached and once submitted it will workflow to the Head or their delegate in Form Lifecycle Manager (FLM). They will have to go into the form and approve it. Once approved, the data will post directly into SAP.

Journal between schools

The school incurring the expenditure will need to raise the journal and can use the drop down to credit the relevant school. Only the school incurring the debit can raise the journal as it needs to work flow to the head (the budget holder) to approve the cost to their school’s budget, this is in line with audit requirements. If a school pays an invoice (for example utilities) that includes another school an email with details should be sent to that school so they can raise the journal debiting themselves and credit the school who have paid the invoice.

In most cases recharge codes between schools will be used but there are some exceptions (ie utility costs split between schools then the credit & debit can be raised on the same GL code. This will ensure the GL code will reflect the true cost for that school.

What is required?

Please can all schools ensure that they have both a user and an approver in place to facilitate this, schools will also need to make sure that the user/approver details are up to date to ensure that workflow emails are received correctly. This can be doing by completing a New User eform on the Service Desk Portal.

For additional help please refer to recharges information and refer to the latest schools code list for the correct GL code.

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