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Devolved Formula Capital Grant (DFCG)

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Devolved Formula Capital Grant (DFCG)

Devolved formula capital (DFC) grant is capital funding calculated on a formulaic basis for each School. It gives schools direct funding for the priority capital ​needs of its buildings and grounds and for investment in capital equipment including ICT.

The formula used to calculate the grant is based on January census figures.

The grant is allocated by the Department of Education and in general, a school has three years to spend each year's allocation.

Further information including allocation amounts can be found on DFE website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/capital-allocations

The grant is allocated to the schools budget by County on GL992329 DFCG Allocation

Expenditure should be coded to the relevant DFCG codes using the schools code list  Schools GL code list and unspent grant can be carried forward on GL992432.

What can DFCG be spent on?

More information on what DFCG can be spent on can be found on Premises & Property on schools web DFCG Devolved Formula Capital Grant further details 

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