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Revised Budgets / ABL

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Revised Budgets / ABL

You may be aware of changes including changes to staff or grant allocations that you want to reflect in your budget.

Any changes to your budget should first be approved by Governors.

There is a cut off date (normally in mid November) for revised budgets. Please see SAP timetable 

Please see the guidelines below on how to submit a revised ABL

Revised ABL Guidance

If you have a revised Budget (ABL) we recommend you use the original ABL template checker sent via Anycomms to submit your revised budget.  This will ensure you have a separate checker for the revised budget and also your checker for your original budget.

To submit a revised budget please enter your revised figures in FMS and follow the steps below, which are the same when the original budget was submitted. There is an additional step (see below) to be followed to ensure only the revisions to the budget are loaded.

Importing the ABL data from FMS

  • First save the ABL report from FMS (page 32 (Procedure 21) of the FMS end of year booklet)
  • If not already open please open you ABL checker spreadsheet in Excel
  • While in the ABL checker spreadsheet select the File option (Fig 1)

Fig 1.

Fig 1

  • The Select open (Fig 2)

Fig 2.

 Fig 2

  • Navigate to the folder where you saved your TSV file
  • Change the bottom right drop down to all files (*.*) then select the TSV file from the available files and select open (Fig 3)

Fig 3.

Fig 3

  • You will then be faced with a text import wizard, Select Finish (Fig 4)

Fig 4.

Fig 4

  • The data will then be shown on the screen in the correct format, Select the data from cell A2 to column H and the last row (Fig 5)

Fig 5.

Fig 5

  • Right Click on the highlighted area and select copy (Fig 6)

Fig 6.

Fig 6

  • Then go back to the ABL checker spreadsheet, Select the school download button (Fig 7)

Fig 7.

Fig 7

  • Right Click on cell A4, then select paste (Fig 8)

Fig 8.

Fig 8

  • Return to Summary and check whether any errors or warnings are present

Additional step for Revised Budgets

  • From your latest monthly summary report choose the Download (2) tab.
  • Copy data in columns A to J only (excluding the data in the yellow columns K to M and the header columns in Row 1).
  • Paste into the SAP download tab cell A4 on your ABL checker.
  • Ensure there are no errors.
  • Send to the Finance Service desk via the service desk portal.
  • Choose option ABL/3 year plan and select Revised ABL you have the opportunity to attach the ABL checker once you have submitted the support works call. 
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