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3 Year Financial Plans

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3 Year Financial Plans

What You Need To Know

A 3 year plan is required as part of the financial planning process and should be prepared in conjunction with the schools development and financial plans.  The submission of the 3 year plan is at the same time as the schools financial plan – a provisional plan should be prepared and submitted in the Spring Term for the following financial year, and a final plan in the first half of the Summer Term.  Deadlines for submission will be published on Schools Web in the year end timetable.

The Rules

Please refer to Scheme of Delegation 2.3.1

Also see Financial Regulation 3.3:

"It is a matter for each school Governing Body to decide upon the procedure for the establishment of the 3 Year- Financial Plan, which should be prepared in conjunction with the school's Development Plan.  The Authority will endeavour to support this process through advice and information."

What You Need to Do

Stage 1

If using the Salary Modeller Tool (which is available to purchase from the LA), a 3 year plan is automatically prepared as the modeller is completed with the first (current) year’s information. 

It is advisable to check all years of the plan, as they are calculated based on assumptions which may or may not be true for your school (e.g. staffing structure not changing, pupil numbers remaining constant, etc)

At this stage it is not necessary for the 3 year plan to be approved by the Full Governing Body (FGB) as it is provisional, although it is advisable for the plan to be discussed by the Finance (or equivalent) Committee.  It is not acceptable for submission to be delayed in order for the provisional 3 year plan to be approved by the FGB.

Format for submittal

The 3 year plan will be required in CFR, ledger code format. 

If you have used the Salary Modeller to set your budget (ABL) there is an additional button on the financial plan page to create a 3 year plan.

  1. Select Main Menu / Financial Plan.
  2. Click the ‘Create Budget File Submission’ button and a report will appear. The file will at this point appear as Book1. 
  3. Save the file as “****_3YR_PLAN_20YY-YY”, where **** is your four-digit DfE number

A 3 year plan MUST be submitted using the Finance Service Desk portal

On Finance Zone on schoolsweb select link to the Service Desk Portal

Log in using your School DfE number and password (if you have forgotten your password contact the HR service desk who can re-issue it)

  • Select Service Requests
  • Select Finance Services
  • Select ABL/3 Year Plan submission
  • Select 3 year plan from drop down box
  • Click Next
  • Click submit.

You can add attachments once you have submitted the form.

Plans submitted in any other way will be rejected as they cannot be processed.

Stage 2

A final 3 Year Plan is required in the first half of the Summer Term (submission deadlines will be published in the Year End Timetable each year).

As with the budget, the provisional 3 Year Plan should be revised once the final Budget Share has been confirmed and the year end balances calculated.  In addition, any known changes should be updated to the plan to ensure that it is both a true reflection of the current year’s budget and the best estimate for the following two years.

The plan should be formatted and submitted as per the instructions for the provisional plan (see above).

The final 3 year plan does need to be approved by the Full Governing Body (FGB) but this can be done retrospectively. 

It is not acceptable to delay a 3 year plan submission to accommodate a FGB meeting – a revised budget (ABL) & 3 year plan can be submitted if the GB needs to make any changes.

A signed copy of the 3 year plan and budget (ABL) must be retained by the School; hard copies are not required to be sent to County.

Support with the Salary Modeller is available from Schools Funding and Accountancy Support Team telephone 01296 382222 option 5 or e-mail schoolfinance@buckscc.gov.uk

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