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PreventPrevent is one of the key elements of CONTEST, the Government’s counter- terrorism strategy and it aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. While it remains rare for children and young people to become involved in terrorist activity, young people from an early age can be exposed to terrorist and extremist influences or prejudiced views.  As with other forms of safeguarding strategies, early intervention is always preferable.

Schools working with other local partners, families and communities, play a key role in ensuring young people and their communities are safe from the threat of terrorism.

The Prevent strategy identifies that young people are more likely to be vulnerable to violent extremist or terrorist narratives.

Schools and colleges have a duty of care to their pupils and staff which includes safeguarding them from the risk of being drawn into terrorism.


The PHSE Associateion have produced some great free resources for schools:



Buckinhamshire County Council provides schools with free training on WRAP as well as training on using resources for the classroom, including 'Zac' and 'Maryam and Joe'.

Below are links to documents and resource information around the Prevent Strategy.



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