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Stay Safe - Internet Safety for SEN

Stay Safe

Internet Safety for SEN

The SEN Stay Safe Project aims to give teachers and parents the confidence and resources to discuss and equip young people with Special Educational Needs the knowledge and skills around internet safety and the implications of technology in their everyday lives.  This is a ground-breaking and ever changing area of the pupils’ lives and one that is often over-looked in relation to pupils with SEN.  The project will include creating joint and individual resources for teachers, parents and pupils. 

There are many different risks associated with the digital age, and it is becoming more apparent that it is young people that are the most vulnerable and most targeted.  Students with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) have shown particularly vulnerability in a variety of different contexts; nationally and locally observed within our school. This vulnerability needs and deserves further practical methodological research into how to address pupils’ areas of development with practical tips, ideas and guidance on how to keep pupils with SEN safe now and in the future, as technology advances. 

Based on the limited existing research, the partnership aim to create supportive documentation (resources/guides) for schools, parents and teachers around internet safety; through the use of a variety of pedagogical tools in order to enhance and stimulate pupil learning. The documentation will be created and developed by experts with input from teachers with experience and expertise in working with SEN and ASC, in order to facilitate the guided document and resources to use in different situations and for the different recipients.


  1. Develop guidelines that will
  2. Draw from the age related/ functional limitations of students with ASC and other SEN
  3. Address how to create appropriately engaging content and interfaces that will support the learning experience
  4. Help teachers select the right resources to use for their pupils’ needs
  5. Support parents to understand the challenges that come with modern technology and how to best support their child

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