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Erasmus InSight Project

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Erasmus InSight Project

The InSight Project aims to give teachers the confidence and resources to discuss and equip young people with the knowledge and skills to think for themselves, challenge and debate ideologie in a safe environment.  It will also give young people the opportunity to learn about different cultures and faiths, building mutual trust and respect.

With increasing tensions across countries there is a need to increase and reinforce community cohesion. The project hopes to make young people aware of thier responsibilities to each other is more critical as we see an increase in using social media to express negative thoughts to each other. Dsicrimination takes all forms but as young people become more sophisticated in their use of ICT on line radicalisation and extremism is a growing concern.Therefore the need to be innovative in teaching about becoming European citizens as a way of making young people feel socially included in a wider context is considered a way forward.

This page will hold the resources and documents to share with the group.


The following link which has some very interesting papers on the topic of radicalisation across Europe and some fascinating events that have taken place across Europe discussing this topic and how we in education can support the agenda. Maybe we can try and contribute to the discussion in the near future?!




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