Ignorance breeds fear

Our equalities objectives are:

  • Safeguarding our vulnerable 
  • Improve outcomes for children and adults with special educational needs or disability.
  • Creating opportunities and building self reliance
  • Enable and support all our children to be successful and cared for throughout their school years
  • Enable all our young people to be prepared for the world of work and adult life
  • Continue to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents
  • Promote good citizenship, encourage participation, help strengthen local communities and inclusivity
  • Promote integration within and between all our communities

This website gives useful and straightforward explanations of rights under the Equality Act in education, employment and elsewhere.

Model Equalities and Cohesion Policy

Download the updated model policy here

Equaliteach - Free Resources for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Schools

EqualiTeach’s free resources have been carefully designed in collaboration with leading partner organisations.

A selection of our resources can be accessed here and are for educators to use in their settings to promote equality, celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination.

Most of these documents are PDF files that can be downloaded, saved and printed. Some have resource guides which include accompanying documents, PowerPoints and worksheets.

Anti-bullying image

Information and support to help prevent bullying.

Race and Religion image

resources and information on tackling these sensitive topics in education

Awards For Schools image

Click here to find out what Awards around equalities your school could accomplish or qualify for...

Prevent image

Information around the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Model united nations image

Information for delegates, members of the International Media, NGO representatives and faculty advisers.

Erasmus+ Projects image

Erasmus+ allows Buckinghamshire to link with other countries in Europe to gain a better understanding of their working practices and cultures and to share good practice. 

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