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Cycle training for schools

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Cycle training for schools

Cycle training for children is delivered via Buckinghamshire schools, who will need to bid for the funding each academic year.

Family On Bikes Curve

  • All training is subsidised
  • Parents/schools need to pay an administration fee for each training place delivered
  • Schools must use an approved Provider from the Bucks County Council Approved List.
  • Training to be booked on-line at the following link:
  • The on-line application window will open in the second half of the Summer term with schools being able being able to  apply  for training places for the next  Academic Year (no money can be carried over to another school year)
  • Schools will be notified if their application has been successful by mid-July
  • Should additional funding become available Bucks County Council will re-open the on-line application process  (all schools will be notified if this is to happen by email, Schools web or Bulletin)


Training type

Summary of training focus


Administration Fee


Level 1

  • For children in Year 3 and Year 4 in groups up to 16. 
  • For children who are able to ride a bicycle (without stabilisers). 
  • Teaches basic bike control skills in a traffic free environment, building their confidence ahead of the on-road training.





Level 2

  • For children in Year 5 and Year 6. 
  • Teaches children how to deal with traffic on short journeys. 
  • Off road and on road training included in the course.




Level 3

  • For children who are in Year 7 and above.
  • This is not for all children, only for those that are competent out of Level 2 training.
  • Advanced on road cycling, busier streets, queuing traffic and complex junctions.





  • For children in Reception and Y1.
  • A series of school based sessions that aim to prepare children with the skills that they will need in order to take part in Bikeability Level 1.
  • Using games and balance bikes to develop their bike handling and awareness skills.
  • Some children may be able to progress to pedal cycling at the end of the course.




Learn to Ride

  • Children, school staff and families who are unable to cycle – in particular children who, for whatever reason, are struggling to master the skill or adults who have never learnt to cycle.






  • Provides students moving from primary to secondary school with route planning skills and opportunity to then cycle the planed route to their new school.
  • This module should be delivered shortly before students are about to make the transition from primary to senior school.
  • Cycling their planned routes with an instructor.





The Cycle to Work scheme is a government initiative to encourage alternative travel and reduce our environmental impact. It also means you can spread the cost of getting a new bike, save on Income Tax and National Insurance.

The windows for enrolling to the scheme are in April and September.

How to apply:

1. Visit a Cyclescheme partner’s shop to choose your bike and any accessories - see the Cyclescheme website for a list of shops.

2. Apply online for your Cyclescheme Voucher on their websbite adding the BCC reference 151cbe and complete the Hire Agreement. You will need to enter your BCC SAP/payroll number.

3. BCC will confirm eligibility and approve your request. No application will be approved until the scheme window has closed (see further details below).

4. Cyclescheme will then invoice BCC for your bike package.

5. Once the invoice is paid, an e- voucher is sent to you and you can collect your bike.

6. Monthly payments are deducted from gross salary over 12 months. 

7. At the end of the hire period ownership of the equipment passes to Cyclescheme. They will contact you with 3 options to purchase the bike or return it.


The timescales for processing the applications are as follows:

April window:

-          Applications can be submitted throughout April until close of play on the 30th

-          Applications will be collated and processed within the first half of May

-          Bike vouchers will be issued once the applications have been processed (second half of May)

-          The first monthly repayment will be taken from June (shown on June payslips)

September window:

-          Applications can be submitted throughout September until close of play on the 30th

-          Applications will be collated and processed within the first half of October

-          Bike vouchers will be issued once the applications have been processed (second half of October)

-          The first monthly repayment will be taken from November (shown on November payslips)

If you are paid by another payroll provider we are unable to process your application, therefore you cannot apply to the scheme through Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC). If you cease employment with BCC prior to finishing your payment period, the balance of the bike package will need to be repaid in full (see terms and conditions on Cyclescheme website). 


Call 0344 879 5101 or visit the Cyclescheme website for more details and to check your savings using their online calculator.

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