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Swimming Pool

Swimming is a highly beneficial life-saving activity. It supports the acquisition and development of physical literacy, along with skills for health and enjoyment. Swimming is ‘Wet PE!’ As a threshold skill, it also gives access to many other water based recreational activities.

Swimming is one of the few activities that people can enjoy all their lives either on their own, with family or friends of the same or different ages, whether just for fun or competitively. We owe it to our youngsters to give them the best chance to learn to swim as well and as early as possible.

Nevertheless, it also carries the risks of death through drowning or injury by brain damage through near drowning. The teaching and learning of swimming and water safety therefore requires the utmost care on the part of all concerned

Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) commission the Aylesbury Vale Teaching Partnership (AVTP) to provide school swimming information, advice and guidance to Buckinghamshire schools on safe practise in swimming, to keep everyone involved in school swimming safe.

BCC produce a Safe Practice in School Swimming Policy which sets out policies and provides guidance and advice on safe practice in school swimming, whether at a school pool, hydrotherapy pool, public pool or during school visits.

The Aylesbury Vale Teaching Partnership provide essential school swimming teaching and swimming safety training and qualifications to enable school staff to safely undertake school swimming as per the policy.

Working in partnership will ensure a consistent joined up approach in the planning and delivery of safe, quality school swimming lessons.

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