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Public Health in schools

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Public Health in schools

Public Health is the science and practice of preventing disease and ill health, and prolonging and promoting good health and wellbeing.  As a team we used to be part of the NHS, but we have now become part of Buckinghamshire County Council, while still retaining our close links with the NHS.
Promoting the health and wellbeing of children and young people is extremely important in order to provide them with a good start in life, equipping them with the resilience and skills they need to flourish.
Healthy children have been shown to be more likely to achieve well academically, behave better in the classroom, and go on to have greater success in their career and personal life.
Information on these pages has been put together in direct response to the request from schools for more coordinated and concise health information to support school activities.  We hope you find it helpful and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Information in this area includes:

  • PSHE Support This section provides some brief information on the importance of PSHE as a well as a PSHE directory. The directory collates all information regarding external support and public health initiatives that are available to support delivery of PSHE. It also provides information on any costs that may be associated with these programmes.
  • PSHE directory (December 2018)
  • Training InformationKeeping you informed of upcoming training events and sharing details of past training events

  • Health promotion resources

    This section includes information on health promotion resources such as leaflets, film clips, guidance documents, and lesson plans that are appropriate for use in schools. 

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