Curriculum KS 1 & 2

Curriculum and Resources Key Stages 1 & 2

There are a range of resources available to Buckinghamshire schools to support aspects of the PSHE curriculum, including promoting the vital Public Health, Safeguarding and Equalities agendas. Please see links below.

Public Health (Schoolsweb)

Safeguarding in education (Schoolsweb)

Equalities (Schoolsweb)

Jigsaw – The Mindful Approach to PSHE

Some schools in Buckinghamshire have purchased a scheme call Jigsaw to support the delivery of the PSHE  curriculum. If you are interesting in speaking to local schools about how this has been implemented please let me know. This is a well-respected scheme that is PSHE Association approved. I am keen to know about any other schemes schools are using so please get in touch.

Jigsaw PSHE

Healthy lifestyles

Resources published by Public Health England supporting healthy snacking to use in the classroom. There are other resources available so take the opportunity to look around the site.

Public Health England classroom resources

This link below will to take you to a new document developed by Anita Hazel ,Public Health Practitioner (Advanced) 5-19 years,  and provides a comprehensive approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing  in schools as well as signposting to organisations and resources to support teachers, children and young people.

Mental Health information for Schools - Promoting Emotional health and wellbeing

Promoting children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing A whole school and college approach

You can find further resources on the Bucks Public Health in Schools web page.

Public health England Schools resources


The National Linking Network provides free resources to support identity and belonging, understanding differences and similarities and living in a global world.

National Linking Network

If your school is interested in being part of the Buckinghamshire School Linking Project please contact Yvette Thomas, Head of Equalities- Children’s Social Care and Learning   on 

Online safety

This website has some great resources for learning about keeping safe on line.


These webpages contain valuable advice and teaching resources for internet safety.

Childline - staying safe online resources

This resource has been produce by Parent Zone and Google to support internet safety for pupils aged 7 -11. The lesson plans are PSHE Association approved.

Parentzone internet legends

Other useful websites

Equaliteach resources

Stonewall Education Resources

You can also find further resources on the Bucks Public Health in Schools web page

Living in the wider world

This aspect of PSHE covers economic wellbeing ; it is important to address online safety. Children may well have emails accounts and use internet shopping and it’s vital that they are taught how keep themselves safe in the digital world.

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