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COVID-19: induction for newly qualified teachers 

NQT induction statutory guidance

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Initial Teacher Training (ITT) - GOV.UK 

NQT support and inductions from September 2020 

FE funding: initial teacher education (ITE)

Early career framework reforms

Teachers’ Standards

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - GOV.UK (

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT)

Absences related to coronavirus

We recognise the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may have an impact on the number of absences NQTs take in the coming school year.  The government have laid regulations that, subject to parliamentary procedures, will mean that NQTs absent for reasons related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will not have their induction period automatically extended.

The new regulations that will extend this provision by a year, until 1 September 2021. This means that NQTs who are currently undertaking statutory induction can complete their induction as expected, provided they meet the Teachers’ Standards.

Absences totaling 30 days or more that are not related to coronavirus (COVID-19) will continue to extend the induction period.

Completion of the induction period

We expect the vast majority of NQTs to continue to work and complete their induction as usual.  Headteachers and appropriate bodies should continue to make a decision on whether an NQT has met the Teachers’ Standards, based on their performance throughout their induction.

This decision is still to be made at the end of the induction period, which for most would be the end of the academic year regardless of possible absence due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

In line with regular reporting procedures, the Teaching Regulation Agency should be notified of the outcome of induction. As many NQTs continue to work with schools in some form during this unprecedented period we would encourage induction to continue.

NQTs who are still teaching

We acknowledge that many NQTs are continuing to work in schools in some form despite many schools being closed.

Where possible, we would encourage NQTs to continue with their professional development and maintain frequent contact with their induction tutor and/or mentor.

Assessment points

Headteachers, induction tutors and appropriate bodies should continue to refer to the NQT induction statutory guidance about the assessment process.

The final assessment meeting should remain at the end of the induction period for the majority of NQTs and evidence should continue to be collected if the NQT is still working in schools in some form. This process will be kept under review.

The Teaching Regulation Agency aims to follow existing schedules for collecting outcome data following the end of assessment. The Teaching Regulation Agency will work with appropriate bodies affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) to support them in their data returns.

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

What advice is there on Initial Teacher Training?

As a general principle the DfE are asking, where possible, that schools and providers continue to deliver their ITT courses. They recognise, however, that there will be significant disruption to ITT courses due to the closure of schools and other institutions. Therefore, the DfE will enable ITT providers to make judgements on trainees based on assessments already completed and each trainee’s current trajectory of progress towards meeting the teachers’ standards.

Please see the published guidance for more information Coronavirus (COVID-19): initial teacher training (ITT) - GOV.UK

The guidance covers:

  • how to manage courses for current trainees in the 2019 to 2020 academic year
  • how to make recommendations for qualified teacher status
  • how to manage the delivery of different routes
  • guidance on recruitment and selection for the 2020 to 2021 academic year

The guidance has been updated to confirm arrangements for trainees not recommended for qualified teacher status (QTS) in the 2019 to 2020 academic year

Initial teacher training (ITT): criteria and supporting advice  document has been updated based on current public health advice, to help initial teacher training (ITT) providers reduce the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on their ITT provision.

Overseas Trained Teachers

Although global travel, including to the UK, is affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), teachers that have qualified in other countries are still encouraged to teach in England.  There are two Government-run programmes for qualified teachers and further guidance can be found here Overseas Trained Teachers

Overseas trained teachers are able to work on some schools if they do not have QTS Employing overseas teachers without QTS: the ‘4-year rule’

Following Brexit new or updated guidance has been issued for OTT:

Qualified teacher status (QTS): qualify to teach in England - GOV.UK (

Changes to checks for EU sanctions on EEA teachers - GOV.UK (

Recruit teachers from overseas - GOV.UK (

Overseas trained teachers are able to work on some schools if they do not have QTS - Employing overseas teachers without QTS: the ‘4-year rule’

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