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If I cannot open during the school closure period.  Where can I send our pupils?

In the event of an exceptional closure any parent with a child that is entitled to continue attending a setting (i.e. those with key worker parents, children with an EHCP and vulnerable children) that does not have a place can contact the following for support:

Pre-school/Early years (0-5)

School age children

Please ensure that you update the SchoolsWeb closures page and ensure that any child who is entitled has a place elsewhere before you make the decision to close.

Hub provision

The government has published the guidance Cluster and hub provision: coronavirus (COVID-19) on the 24th April.

This provides information on the following areas:

  • Considering a cluster or hub model
  • Workforce
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • SEND, special schools and alternative provision
  • Transport
  • Education provision
  • Free school meals
  • Funding
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication

Funding for hubs

Schools will continue to receive their budgets for the coming year, as usual, regardless of any periods of partial or complete closure. That will ensure that they are able to continue to pay their staff, and meet their other regular financial commitments, as we move through these extraordinary times.

In the guidance Cluster and hub provision: coronavirus (COVID-19)  the government have stated: Where the central school in a cluster or hub faces exceptional additional costs above what they would be able to afford from their core funding, there is financial support available. This is specifically for increased premised related costs of staying open during holidays; support for free school meals for eligible children not attending school; and additional cleaning.

There is also guidance on schools funding for exceptional costs associated with coronavirus (COVID-19).and see the finance section

What is the impact on insurance arrangements of pupils and/or teachers working out of different schools?

Teacher moving site

  • Where both schools in the arrangement are maintained schools – insurance will covered under the same policy so no further actions are required
  • A member of staff (or pupil) from an academy attends a maintained schools site – any injury caused by the fabric of the building, contents or failure of the maintained school will be covered under the Buckinghamshire Council policy
  • A member of staff (or pupil) from a maintained school attends an academy site - any injury caused by the fabric of the building, contents or failure of the academy should be covered under their policy
  • Public Liability Insurance - If there is a failure in the teaching or direction given by a teacher, then the school in which the teacher is employed would be liable for any claim.

Pupils moving site

If the intention is to send pupils who will mix with the host school pupils with no ‘travelling’ teaching or support staff, then then the host school should provide all insurance cover.

In all cases both the host and visiting school must have undertaken written risk assessments for the situation, with the usual criteria for working away from the normal site but with extra thought given as to the potential age mix of the children and knowledge of the host school layout.

Please see the safeguarding section for additional information

What else needs to happen if a child is attending a different setting than usual?

Please see the safeguarding section and COVID-19: safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers for additional information

What else needs to happen if a child is attending a different setting than usual?

In COVID-19: safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers it states:

It will be important for any school or college whose children are attending another setting to do whatever they reasonably can to provide the receiving institution with any relevant welfare and child protection information. This will be especially important where children are vulnerable. For looked-after children, any change in school should be led and managed by the VSH with responsibility for the child. The receiving institution should be aware of the reason the child is vulnerable and any arrangements in place to support them.

As a minimum the receiving institution should, as appropriate, have access to a vulnerable child’s EHC plan, child in need plan, child protection plan or, for looked-after children, their personal education plan and know who the child’s social worker (and, for looked-after children, who the responsible VSH is). This should ideally happen before a child arrives and, where that is not possible as soon as reasonably practicable. Any exchanges of information will ideally happen at DSL (or deputy) level, and likewise between special educational needs co-ordinators/named individual with oversight of SEN provision for children with EHC plans. However, it is acknowledged this may not always be possible. Where this is the case senior leaders should take responsibility.

Whilst schools and colleges must continue to have appropriate regard to data protection and GDPR they do not prevent the sharing of information for the purposes of keeping children safe. Further advice about information sharing can be found at paragraphs 76-83 of KCSIE.

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