COVID-19 Finance

COVID-19 Finance

The government has put in place funding and financial measures to support schools and early years settings during the coronavirus outbreak. There is a separate section on state- funded schools.  Maintained nursery schools should follow the early years guidance.

Finance support for education, early years and children's social care (


Funding for schools participating in lateral flow mass testing

The DFE have made £78m available to support lateral flow testing in schools. The payments will be made retrospectively, we are awaiting further guidance on the claim process and funding allocation rates.


School specific grants

View GOV.UK's guidance on providing school meals during COVID-19.


COVID-19 catch up premium

This is a one off grant for the academic year 20/21.

An initial payment covering September to November (3 months) was made to schools in the Autumn term based on the October 19 census.

We anticipate the second payment from the DFE for December to March (4 months) will be paid in the Spring term based on the October 20 census.

The remaining payment April-Aug (7 months) will be paid in the Summer term.

View GOV.UK's guidance on the catch-up premium: coronavirus (COVID-19).


Exceptional costs

There are three categories for claiming exceptional costs incurred for the period to 31 July 2020:

  • increased premises
  • FSM costs for pupils not attending school
  • additional cleaning

Loss of income is not covered by the fund. The latest claims window closed on 22 December 2020 – the guidance below is for information only.

School funding: exceptional costs associated with coronavirus (COVID 19) for the period march to July 20  (GOV.UK)

School funding: exceptional costs associated with coronavirus (COVID 19) (GOV.UK)


Funding to supports schools with costs of staff absences for 1 November-31 December 2020

View GOV.UK's guidance about the COVID-19 workforce fund to support schools.

View our information on claiming staffing costs for maintained schools.


Help with technology during COVID-19 including the digital education platform grant

View GOV.UK's information on how to get help with technology during coronavirus (COVID-19).


Relief payments to suppliers

PPN02/20 and PPN04/20 have both expired but the guidance can still be used to inform decisions on relief payments to suppliers.

Supplier relief due to Covid 19 additional guidance for state funded schools (Gov.UK)

Procurement Policy Note 02/20 (PPN02/20): supplier relief due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Procurement Policy Note 04/20 (PPN04/20): Recovery and Transition from COVID-19


School trips – refunds guidance

Where schools have had to cancel trips due to COVID-19 we have produced guidance on how schools should deal with refunds to parents where appropriate.

View the guidance on school trip refunds


If you are unable to follow normal financial procedures for separation of duties

If normal financial procedures to ensure segregation of duties cannot be followed, for example separate authorisation of orders and related invoices, maintained schools must contact the FMS team on 01296 383 500 option 2.


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