COVID-19 Education updates

COVID-19 Education information updates

1st July Free School Meals - Company Shop Group and Iceland, including The Food Warehouse Stores, have been added to the list of supermarkets you can order eGift cards for; Learning, curriculum and assessment - The Education Endowment Fund have published A COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools

25 June updates about summer holidays in the wider opening for schools, the summer food fund within free school meals, finance and safeguarding.

23 June Update about Therapy and Complex Care in the SEN area; Information about school transport applications in the transport section

18 June Updates to Health & Safety, Learning, curriculum and assessment and Well-being Support for Pupils

15 June Procurement policy note in the Finance section; Teachers working across bubbles in the Health and Safety section.

12 June Transport section –Updated Government information about which children do not need to wear face coverings when travelling to school; Learning Curriculum and assessment – new guidance on Identifying and addressing gaps in pupils’ understanding; Well Being Support for Pupils – new guidance outlining how some pupils may need additional emotional and pastoral support when they return to school

8th June Early Years – Two new question on data collection for Early Years.  The Early Years team are asking schools to continue to allow BC to collect your data as it is required by the DfE.Health and Safety – addition of Public Health England flowchart; what to do if you are made aware of suspected or confirmed cases among staff or pupils (attached above for information). Well-being Support for Pupils - The government have updated their information on mental health support available for children and young people in England and have provided bereavement resources.

3 June updates to Early Years, school trips (refund information), school provision and a planning guide for secondary schools has been added to the wider opening of schools section

2 June updates to Attendance / Exclusions; Early Years; Governance; Health & Safety; Safeguarding Online; SEND; School Provision; Wider Opening of Schools

1 June updates to Attendance / exclusions, Free school meals, Resources, Well being for pupils and Wider opening of schools.

26 May updates to Early Years, online resources for parents and teachers and updated travel guidance

22 May Updated HR guidance 

20th May New transition support information pack in the Wider opening of schools section

19th May Guidance and action plans for re-opening in the Wider opening of schools section; Advice and guidance around partial re-opening in the Health and Safety section; Off-rolling students who have returned to countries of origin in the Attendance section; Bereavement Awareness Training in the Resources section; Vulnerable children in the School provision section;

18th May Supplier relief notes for procurement in the Finance section; Required water checks after a Period of Full or Partial Closure in the Property Services section; A new section covering guidance for the wider opening of schools;

13th May New guidance for the charity sector and advice about re-opening in the Early Years section; extension to the furlough scheme in the Furlough and financial support section; guidance for re-opening kitchens in the Free school meals section; Guidance on implementing protective measures as school start a phased return in the Health and safety section; Curriculum expectations from 1st July in the Curriculum section; New guidance around re-opening and planning  for the return to school in the School provision section; Guidance around travelling to school and ensuring the transport network is safe, in the transport section.

12th May Communicating with parents, carers and pupils remotely in the Safeguarding section; Staying connected advice in the well-being support for pupils and families section; new online training from Stephanie Hilder in the Resources section

7th May Further EYFS guidance in the early years section; exam updates and DfE case studies in the curriculum section; new safeguarding online section; impacts of the change in the legislation on EHC needs assessment and plans in the SEND section

6th May Updated pages for SEN annual reviews, specialist teaching, EHC needs assessment, including new information about what has changed about Section 42 duties, all in the SEND section

5th May New Government guidance about teaching pre-school children in the early years section; links for parents with children under 5, and vocabulary development for primary children in the resources section; emergency funding for vulnerable families in the support for families section; what to cover in summer governing board meetings in the governors section

4th May New guidance in the NQT section

1st May Information about changes to Buckinghamshire Council services; school staff supporting other critical services while schools are closed in the Furlough section; links to information about private exam candidates, new Ofsted update about publishing outstanding reports and video conferencing guidance in the curriculum section,

29th April New Furlough and Financial Support section; contact details for signing up to the testing referral portal in Health and Safety; Ofsted update from 28th April committee in the Curriculum section; details of a a new free online learning platform in the resources section; guidance around provision in the early May bank holiday in the school provision section; national school attendance figures in the attendance section.

27th April New government guidance and clarification of temporary changes to the EYFS in the early years section, performance management in the HR guidance section

24th April Support services section renamed to be Changes to support services, updated advice around safer recruitment in the Safeguarding section, new Support for families section, additional contacts in the outdoor learning section, multiple updates and additions to the property services section

23rd April Exceptional arrangements for exam grading in the Learning and curriculum area, insurance arrangements in the Hubs and local area plan section, guidance on teaching remotely from the Education Endowment Fund in the resources section

22nd April Temporary changes to EYFS detailed in the early years section, paying catering providers and an application form for pupils with No Recourse to Public Funds in the Free School Meals section, Right to Work checks in the safeguarding section, a letter from Gavin Williamson in the school provision section.

21st April New government guidance around attendance expectations in the attendance section. Links to financial support information in early years and the Finance section. Multiple updates in the resources section, including information about BBC Bitesize and what Buckinghamshire libraries are offering, guidance and templates for assessing vulnerable pupils and online safety in the Safeguarding section. Information about schools re-opening and updated bank holiday guidance in the school provision section. Risk assessment of SEND pupils and guidance for children with an EHCP attending another setting in the SEND section. Fleet Management updates in the transport section. NSPCC resources in the support for pupils section

20th April Updated PPE guidance in the Health and Safety section, details of the new Connecting Bucks Schools web site in the Resources section, domestic abuse guidance in the Support Services section, multiple updates in the Well-being Support for School Staff section

16th April New guidance around keeping in touch with parents and paediatric first aid certificates in the Early Years section, new Well-being support for pupils section, new Well-being support for school staff section

15th April Advice on the closures message for schools operating through a hub in the school provision section, information about Ofsted inspections in the learning and curriculum area

14th April Multiple updates around school admissions, Exclusions guidance in the Attendance section, advice for educational staff from overseas in the HR section, updated contact details for Edenred in the Free School Meals section

9th April Updated template for claiming additional costs in the Finance section, new Support Services section, a new coronavirus book for children to download in the Wellbeing section

8th April Additional advice from the DfE around obtaining cleaning materials, guidelines around social distancing and PPE for early years settings, guidance if separation of duties is not possible in the Finance section further detail around social distancing practice in the health and safety section, new guidance for initial teacher training, new resources section

7th April New Health services section, Head Teacher advice in the recruitment area of the HR section, new Admissions section, guidance for domestic child carers working in no-domestic premises in the early years section, changes to free school meals guidance to cover the Easter holidays

6th April HR guidelines section updated with new recruitment advice.

5th April Title 'The school day..." changed to Learning, curriculum and assessment. Additional guidance around security of live streaming platforms, and GCSE / A-Level assessment in that section. Letter template for keyworkers added to Misc section of the HR guidelines, additional information around costs of staff working additional hours over Easter in the Finance section

2nd April Additional information for maintained schools in the Finance section, Guidance for recording closures in the School provision section, new mental health and wellbeing section, additional links for free school meals, new NQT section.

1st April Extensive updates to free school meals section. New Property Services section, additional information about Easter in the Guidance for the school day section.

31st March Added new safeguarding section, updated local area plan, early years, attendance, cleaning materials

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