Wellbeing support for school staff

Wellbeing support for school staff

school staffDfE Well-being for Education Return Training details

A new national training package, tailored to a Buckinghamshire context, has been delivered to one member of staff in each school and college across Buckinghamshire. This provides guidance and resources for education staff on responding to the impact of Covid-19 on the wellbeing of their students and pupils.

All schools were asked to nominate a member of staff to attend the training. The DfE advised that the nominated member of staff could be a mental health lead, SENCo, pastoral lead or SLT member. The nominated member of staff is required to cascade the training to all staff members within their own school.

This training was delivered to schools in liaison groups, in the form of three twilight virtual sessions. 

Group Coaching Sessions for all Staff

As part of the package of support for Buckinghamshire Schools, Buckinghamshire Council and Aspire are offering Group Coaching sessions (incorporating Peer Learning Sets).

Aim of the sessions:

  • To provide collaboration and support during this challenging period
  • To provide a structure opportunity to share good practice and for professional development

These sessions will consist of groups of staff working together for a one hour session each half term, beginning this half term and running until July 2021. They will take place during a twilight slot from 4pm - 5pm.

The subjects explored in the sessions will be determined by the participants' current foci, concerns and priorities but may well be related to the themes we have explored in our webinars: emotional self-regulation, behaviour management, attachment disorder, trauma, behaviour, wellbeing, equity, student progress etc.

Group Coaching Sessions, incorporating Peer learning Sets (PLS) are a simple and powerful way for individuals to learn from each other.

PLS is a process which involves a small group of people sharing and using skilled questioning to produce fresh ideas and reinterpret familiar concepts. Participants involved in PLSs are encouraged to meet on several occasions to repeat the process and to reflect back on learning and actions taken.

Key Features of Peer Learning Sets (Group Coaching) are:

  • Climate of confidentiality and openness
  • People challenge and support each other
  • A chance to find creative ways to bring about change
  • Insight into how others achieve different solutions
  • An opportunity to progress new opportunities and develop new ideas

Group Coaching Booking Link

Training for Teachers and Support Teachers

Our series of sessions for Buckinghamshire staff (tailored according to priorities identified by schools) continues with the following interactive, expert sessions.  All school staff are invited to join the training.

Trauma and Bereavement, Mike Armiger

2 February 2021, 4pm to 5pm

Register for Trauma and Bereavement event

Managing Challenging Behaviour, Debra Rutley

9 March 2021, 4pm to 5pm

Register for Managing Challenging Behaviour

Support for all School Staff from Buckinghamshire’s Education Psychology Team

The Well-being Support and Advice Line 01296 383 219 is a confidential helpline staffed by Buckinghamshire’s Educational Psychology Team. The helpline is primarily intended to provide school leaders (including headteachers, deputy and assistant headteachers, SENCOs and other members of each senior leadership team) with a safe and confidential space in which they can talk through the challenges, stresses and frustrations of operating schools and settings during this unprecedented situation.

The Educational Psychologists are professionally trained in listening to and supporting individuals through pressurised and emotionally-fraught situations. There is no time limit for calls, and there will be no formal notes recorded from discussions unless requested and agreed in advance by both parties.

The value in making use of the Well-being Support and Advice Line may be in having the opportunity simply to talk through circumstances and concerns, and equally the Educational Psychologists can also provide information or resources should individuals have specific well-being questions and issues that they wish to raise.

Although many conversations through the helpline will stand alone, more regular contact can be established if both parties feel this would be appropriate and beneficial. Furthermore, where necessary the Educational Psychologists can provide guidance on accessing more intensive medium- and long-term support.

The Well-Being Support and Advice Line will be open from 9- 5, Monday to Friday. It will be in operation throughout the school holidays (excluding public holidays) as well as during term-time.

For conversations outside of the usual operating hours, or if individuals would prefer to receive support via email or video call rather than by phone, please use the email address to contact the Educational Psychology Team.

Alternatively, contact the Educational Psychology Management Team directly:

Tim Jones - Principal Educational Psychologist:

Jenny Feeney - Senior Educational Psychologist –

Shami Rait - Senior Educational Psychologist Chiltern and South

Keith Willsher - Senior Educational Psychologist – Wycombe:

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