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Apprenticeship training


Apprenticeships are available for bringing in new talent, and to train existing staff. Training funding can be drawn down from the BCC Apprenticeship Levy Account.

The guide for schools

Read information about having apprenticeships in your school:  

Apprenticeships are work-based programmes designed by employers that are linked directly to job roles. They give an employee the chance to receive structured, high quality training in the workplace and the opportunity to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.  Apprenticeships are offered at different levels making them appropriate for a wide group of people. This route is now regarded by many businesses as a popular alternative to Higher Education.

Making a Claim to Use Your Levy Contribution - Maintained Schools Only

Schools can make a claim to use their Levy by completing a simple form and returning it to us for approval. Email hrservicedesk@buckscc.gov.uk for a copy.

Claims can be made for both new talent or staff upskilling apprenticeships.  

We will assess claims made and notify the school if it has sufficient funds over the timeframe of the apprenticeship.   

Useful documents

Recruiting an Apprentice

We now recruit and employ our apprentices directly using the same HR process as recruiting a permanent member of staff. 

Flowchart for the procedure to follow: Apprentice Recruitment – Maintained Schools Flowchart (PDF)

Please contact hrservicedesk@buckscc.gov.uk if you have queries.

All HR recruitment forms

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