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The Transition from Primary to Secondary School

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The Transition from Primary to Secondary School

This area provides information and resources to help create a smooth transition process, which is based on both pupils’ academic and pastoral needs, enabling all pupils to make the best possible start to secondary school.


The Buckinghamshire Guidance for Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 contains recommendations for good transitions practice.  It has been developed by a Task and Finish group of Primary and Secondary Headteachers with Officers from Buckinghamshire County Council and has been approved by both BASH (Buckinghamshire Association of Secondary Headteachers) and PEB (Primary Executive Board).

Collecting information for a smooth transition

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This form has been developed to enable secondary schools to collect the essential information from primary schools.

Please read the guidance notes that accompany the document regarding data protection requirements and to see the level of transition support recommended 

The form is available in two formats:

It is recommended that this form should be used in conjunction with the established practice of face-to-face meetings between secondary and primary schools to discuss students’ needs in more detail. It is recommended that completion of the form is requested by secondary schools from primary schools once a student’s place has been accepted, to allow the transition planning process to begin early.

This form does not replace the formal transfer of pupil data through any current practices, such as the CTF (Common Transfer File) or the parent’s admission form which are available in the Admission section of SchoolsWeb.

Support for pupils

This evidence-based resilience programme has been commissioned by the Buckinghamshire County Council’s Public Health Team for delivery in schools across Buckinghamshire. The Friends for Life programme is for primary aged children with a focus on years 4 or 5/6, and can help to build resilience before transition.

‘My Passport’ Information

A fun new way of supporting pupils moving in or out of primary school outside of the normal transfer times, developed by the Education Psychology Service.

Other useful information

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