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Test Results & Selection Review

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Test Results & Selection Review

Secondary Transfer Test Results

This guide provides information on the arrangements for Secondary Transfer Test results day

School Checklist

  • Please check the Secondary Transfer Test information when received
  • Result letters are to be given to pupils at the end of school day on Friday 12 October 2018
  • Do not release early

Moving up to Secondary School in September 2019 Flyer - to be given to all pupils

Selection Review

This guide provides details of the Selection Review Process which includes information on 

  • Selection Review Panel - who it consists of and the information that the panel considers
  • Best practice for completing Selection Review Summary Sheet for Headteachers
  • Remarking queries

Section 6: Selection Review Process 

School checklist

Where a Selection Review is requested please provide parents with the following

Selection Review Form For Parents - 2019 Entry 

Selection Review Pack - Cover Letter for Parents

Selection Review Summary Sheet for Headteacher - 2019 Entry (pdf)

Selection Review Summary Sheet for Headteacher - 2019 Entry (Word document) 

  •  Completed Selection Review paperwork must be sent to the Admissions and Transport Team no later than 21 days from the date of the results letter.
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