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Open Events for 2020 Entry

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Open Events for 2020 Entry

Moving up to Secondary School in September 2020

Open Events - Summer and Autumn Term 2019

The online booking system is now available. Please use your usual senior management login for SchoolsWeb to access the system.

You may select dates in June, July, September and October 2019. 

When you select a date you will be able to see an overview of bookings made by other schools and any potential clashes. There is also the facility to add any helpful notes about the open event for parents, which you can enter in the ‘Description of event and information about the event’ box. This might include timings of Headteacher presentation, tours of the school, parking arrangements and so on.

May we remind you to please consider your dates very carefully, being mindful of other schools in your area and the potential for clashes for parents wishing to visit a number of schools. If you see an issue with a possible clash you will need to contact the school in question directly, to resolve the conflict.

Please also consider whether you should offer additional dates if any, or all, of your open events were particularly busy last year. Open days/evenings are the perfect opportunity to showcase your school and it is incredibly important that parents are able to access these events.

Please make the bookings for your school by 11 December 2018; we will confirm the open events calendar for all schools early in the summer term. This information will then be made available to parents on the council’s public website.

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