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In Year applications

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In Year applications

Parents whose child is currently at a Buckinghamshire school and wish to request an alternative school place

  • Cannot apply online they must request an application form directly from their current school
  • By requesting the application for our aim is that Head teachers can discuss the request with parent and resolve any issues
  • Head teacher section on the application form must be completed
  • Completed applications take 20 school days to process
  • A&T team will write to parent with outcome.

    In Year application form for parents who wish to request an alternative school place

Processing In Year Applications

  • Please ensure that you adhere to the Admission Code
  • Most schools have a waiting list please ensure that you allocate a vacancy according to your waiting list and not to the most recent person who has moved in.
  • In Year is an anxious process for parents please keep us regularly updated so we can advise parents the status of their application
  • Each in year application has a dedicated admission officer please respond to them directly.



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