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Admission policies

Admission policies

BCC Admissions Policies

Admissions policies information on the County Council website


Voluntary aided, foundation and academy schools

The governing bodies of voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies are their own admission authorities and therefore responsible for consulting on any changes to their admission arrangements.



  • Each year admission authorities must consult any changes that they are proposing
  • You must consult at least once every 7 years if no changes have been made to the arrangements.
  • Consultation must be a minimum of 6 weeks and must take place between 1 October to 31 January
  • You must publish proposed arrangements on your school website along with details on where comments need to be sent to
  • Failure to consult effectively may be grounds for subsequent complaints and appeals.


Do you need to consult if the Published Admissions Number (PAN) changes?

  • You only need to consult if there is a decrease in the PAN

  • You must notify BCC if you intend to increase the PAN

  • You must make specific reference to the change of PAN on your website



  • You must determine your admission arrangement every year even if there are no changes
  • The policy must be determined by 28 Feb
  • The policy must be published between 28 Feb- 15 March on the school website
  • A copy must be sent to BCC ( before 15 March
  • If the PAN has increased you must inform BC


What policies need to be published on the school website?

The following admission policies must be published on the school website

  • 2020-21 (for Starting School in Sept 2020)
  • 2019-20 (for Starting School in Sept 2019)
  • 2018-19 (for In Year applications)


Further information

Admissions code information about the Admissions Code


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