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Offer, on-boarding, induction and review

Offer So, you’ve now got a candidate who the assessors agree is appointable and is the best person for the role. Any offer made at this stage, should be conditional upon satisfactory pre-employment checks. These include but not limited to: satisfactory references, satisfactory safeguarding and DBS checks pre-employment Medical Questionnaire car Insurance Certificate and License certificate of all Qualifications stated as essential on the person specification original documentary evidence that e…

Operating procedures

The following information is for managers, staff and others who are organising journeys for groups in large passenger carrying vehicles. It outlines the statutory requirements for operating passenger vehicles with 9 or more passenger seats. Full details of operating procedures are contained in the Council's "Regulations for the Use of Vehicles" a copy of which is available to view and/or download from the Intranet. Minibuses (9/16 passenger seats) Vehicles operated by County Council Establishme…


Bucks Pay Contractual overtime - where an employee is permanently contracted to work longer than their contracted hours. Voluntary overtime - where the Council asks an employee to work overtime and the employee is free to turn down the request as there is no contractual obligation on either side to offer or refuse overtime. Overtime process Part-time employees -overtime will be paid at the normal hourly rate for any hours worked up to 37 per week. Employees on ranges 1-6 - time and a half is pa…

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