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National offer day

Please read this Guide which provides details regarding National Offer Day Section 7: National Offer Day (2020) In February we will send to all schools A spreadsheet detailing the allocated secondary schools for year 6 pupils Information about appeals and waiting lists to assist parents 1 March - National Offer Day Parents who applied online will receive an email and view the outcome online For paper or hosted applications, parents will receive a letter sent 1st class on 2 March

NEW apprenticeship options

<p><strong>NEW</strong> apprenticeship options for schools include:</p> <ul> <li>School Business Manager (Level 4)</li> <li>Senior Leaders Master’s Degree (Level 7)</li> <li>Facilities Management /Property Maintenance</li> </ul> <p><a href="/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=2" title="School Bulletin" data-anchor="?pageId=2">See the School Bulletin</a> for details...</p>


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Numeracy governor (primary)

Primary school governing boards are encouraged to appoint a Numeracy Governor to take an interest in numeracy the school and to offer a source of support and challenge. The precise responsibilities of the Numeracy Governor need to be agreed by the governing board and so will vary from school to school. This advice provides a framework to base the role on. Why do we need a Numeracy Governor? The governing board is responsible for the strategic direction of the school, including the delivery of t…

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