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ICT Schools Team

Team Viewer 8 - Remote Assistance - Download and Run Telephone: 01296 383500 Option 1 MIS Support (SIMS/ARBOR) Option 2 Financial Systems Support (FMS/PS Financials/PFM) Email: Option 3 Schools Technical Support Email: Option 4 Services, Training & Packages Email:

ICT Training

Training Schedule Autumn 2020 training Schedule - available to book online now Spring 2021 training Schedule - available to book online now Until guidance changes to allow full access to our training room for face to face training and Seminar venues for larger groups, all training will be a mix of remote 1-1, small group courses using our training software and Webinars. Training Costs Updated Sept 2020 Course Synopses

Improving your governing board

Continuous improvement is not only is not the only key for schools, but vital for Governing Boards too. An effective governing board will have clear structures and processes in place to carry out its functions effectively. Absolute clarity about the different roles and responsibilities of the headteacher and governors underpins the most effective governance. Protocols, specific duties and terms of reference are made explicit in written documents. The governing board should plan work across the…


Getting to grips with governance in the initial stages is not an easy task so here is some useful information to help you get started. Child Protection Guidance for all Governors in Bucks Bucks County Council Safeguarding team ensure governors are provided with the most up to date information as possible. Safeguarding toolkit Safeguarding toolkit governor resources (includes a safeguarding checklist for new governors). The Guidance for Governors document outlines the governing board’s responsib…

Information for academies

Section 128 Checks for proprietor governors in academies and free schools Section 128 of the Education and Skills Act 2008 prohibits unsuitable staff and proprietors from “taking part in the management of an Independent School.” For this legislation, academies and free schools are now included in the definition of an independent school. Section 128 Barring Direction Checks for Governors Chair of trustees - academy trusts Identity verification form for the chair of trustees – academy trusts (inc…

Insight - Anti-Radicalisation Project

The InSight Project aims to give teachers the confidence and resources to discuss and equip young people with the knowledge and skills to think for themselves, challenge and debate ideology in a safe environment. It will also give young people the opportunity to learn about different cultures and faiths, building mutual trust and respect. With increasing tensions across countries there is a need to increase and reinforce community cohesion. The project hopes to make young people aware of their…

InSight Sample Lesson Plans

Below are some examples of lesson plans: Coloured Glasses (France) Diapo finale V5 (France) FIP objctifs English (France) Tableau Trani (France) Food Taboos (France) Media Training (France) Sequences (France) The Safezone Project (Spain) Jihadism and Extremism (Spain)

InSight Survey Results

An initial Survey was given to teachers, parents and young people to find out their current understanding of issues and how they would best like to learn about them. Survey Results Presentation (April 2018) UK Staff Survey results pdf UK Student Survey Results pdf UK Parent Survey Results pdf Spanish Staff Survey Results Spanish Parents Survey Results Spanish Student Survey Results

Instrument of government (statutory)

Applies to Maintained Schools Background The instrument of government is the document that records the name of the school and the constitution of its governing board. The governing board prepares the draft instrument of government and submits it to the local authority to consider whether it complies with the relevant legal requirements. The local authority must supply a copy of the instrument of government to each member of the governing board. Approval Full governing board. Review frequency Th…

Integrated SEND Service

Formed in September 2019, we are now entering our second year as an Integrated SEND Service (iSEND), and have learned so much over the past year about who we are, what we want to be able to achieve and how we can support all our children and young people 0-25 to achieving the best possible outcomes for their future. Our service works collaboratively – Educational Psychologists, Specialist Teachers and EHC Coordinators alike, and we have together created the vision for our service that brings al…

Intermediate Excel

Overview This course will expand your Excel knowledge and skills. This course is aimed at those that have an understanding of the basics of Microsoft Excel such as creating workbook, using AutoFill and AutoSum, constructing formulae, Absolute Cell References and formatting worksheets. Suitable For: Any member of staff within the school or an academy. Date & Venue: TBC Cost: If you have a Finance package 150 credits per delegate or if no Finance Package purchased please refer to Schools Finance…

Internet safety resources

Below are some resources that may be useful in schools Sample Templates E-safety Policy Template Mobile Tech Policy Template Parent Agreement Template School reporting log template Social Media Policy Template Example Incident Flowchart Toolkits CEOP have just released a new Online Blackmail one hour session helping 15 – 18 year olds identify risk and get support when they need it. Included in the pack is: A session plan to help young people recognise the early signs of manipulative, pressurisi…


We are pleased you have found this site as the acronym of SACRE is not one that slips off the tongue of too many people. It stands for: Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education and we consider that we are: S piritually enriching A ffirming C hallenging R espectful E ducational As an advisory body for Bucks CC we work closely with them and are delighted that we have been offered this opportunity of having dedicated pages on the Schools Web. Our remit is to provide an RE syllabus that wi…

Introduction to Excel

Overview This course will introduce you to the basic skills needed to use Microsoft Excel. This course is aimed at those that either have no experience or limited knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Suitable For: Any member of staff within the School or Academy. Date & Venue: TBC Cost: If you have a Finance package 150 credits per delegate. If no Finance Package purchased please refer to Schools Finance Packages Objectives By the end of the course you will be able to: navigate your way around the Mic…

IR35 Compliance

Overview This video provides guidance for Hiring Managers in Schools regarding IR35 compliance. IR35 is tax legislation designed to combat tax avoidance by workers supplying their services to clients via an intermediary, such as a limited company. The worker would be classified as Inside IR35 if they would be deemed an employee if the intermediary was not used. Workers classified as inside IR35 should pay income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) in the same way as if they were emp…

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