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Gender and Sexual Orientation

New! Click here for the latest announcement re LGBTQ+ teaching in schools Resources Stonewall has practical guides and toolkits to t ackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. There are posters and easy-read guides which are great to use with students and break down these topics into manageable steps. Equaliteach run workshops with children and young people and staff tackling sensitive topics such as homophobia and challenging sterotypes. Show Racism the Red Card has a number or resou…

Go for Gold

Go for Gold is an incentive-based scheme developed to encourage children and their parents to use sustainable travel modes for the school journey. The aim is to reduce the number of car trips made to and from school, ease pollution; encourage walking; promote healthier lifestyles for pupils and their families and reduce our carbon footprint on the world. Go for Gold achieved international recognition when it was awarded the first International Walk to School Award in March 2004. It has since be…


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Governance of the Side by Side School Improvement model is through the Education Reference Group . This is a strategic group of educational partners from across education sectors and geographical areas of Buckinghamshire. The School Leaders group is made up of representatives from all age phases, regions, sectors, selective and non-selective schools, academies and maintained schools. Purpose Support the objectives of The Education and Skills Strategy by ensuring improved outcomes for children a…

Governance principles

Effective governing boards know their school, see the wider picture and work in partnership with leadership and stakeholders at a strategic level. This ‘eyes on hands off’ role means consistently asking for more information, explanation and clarification. It means challenging your school to do the best by every child in the school community, and supporting the school by carrying out core responsibilities. Key functions of a governing board Setting the school’s vision and strategic aims - agreei…

Governor allowances (statutory)

Applies to Maintained Schools Background Governors and associate members may claim allowances in respect of actual expenditure incurred whilst attending meetings of the Governing board and its committees (or associated training), as agreed by the Governing board. Approval Governing board free to delegate to a committee of the governing board, an individual governor or the head teacher. Review frequency Governing board free to determine but it is recommended this is carried out annually. Local G…

Governor code of conduct

Overview There is no statutory requirement to have a code of conduct. The House of Commons Education and Employment Committee's report on 'The Role of School Governors' recommends: 'Governing boards adopt a code of practice outlining the purpose of the governing board which describes the appropriate relationship between individual governors, the whole governing board and the school'. Local guidance Model Code of Conduct for Governors 2017/18 Model Code of Conduct 2017 Summary of Changes

Governor election and appointment

Background This guidance sets out the arrangements for the appointment/re-appointment of governors as vacancies occur and covers the following categories of governor: Parent/ Staff/ Local Authority / Community / Partnership and Associate Member. Information on how we can help you recruit can be found on our 'Improving your Board - The Right People' pages . DfE Guidance Types of Governor Statutory guidance on school governance Governor's Handbook Further National Guidance Church of England Found…

Governor handbook

"The Department for Education is responsible for education, children’s services, higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills in England, and equalities. We work to achieve a highly educated society in which opportunity is equal for all, no matter what their background or family circumstances." DfE Website We will keep you up to date with topics of interest here but there is a wealth of information on the DfE website should you need it. Department for Education website…

Governor Recruitment

Recruitment and New Governors The local authority provides support to governing boards in recruiting governors with the right range of skills to meet their school’s needs, and who reflect the diversity of the community their school serves. Listed below are some of the ways we may be able to help you. Governor Recruitment and Retention strategy (Sept 2015) Governor application form Becoming a governor poster Governor Volunteers The local authority can sometimes put governing boards in touch with…

Governor roles

When Governors have been appointed they may be assigned to various roles and responsibilities within the governing board. Chair of Governors Managing the school is a team responsibility. The Chair's task is to lead the team of governors in order to enable it to function effectively and efficiently. Role of the Chair Curriculum Governors Whilst there is often an appointed governor (or committee responsible for this area), ALL governors should have a good understanding of curriculum and the schoo…

Governor support

Buckinghamshire Council will continue to take an active interest in the quality of governance in maintained schools, by promoting and supporting high standards of governance. To do so, Buckinghamshire Council will: be the champion of high quality school governance; help to ensure that governors have access to support and training in order to develop the right skills to execute their role; implement appropriate monitoring arrangements to identify signs of failure in relation to governors’ oversi…

Governor Training

Below is the confirmed governor training programme for the Autumn term. All sessions will be conducted on MS Teams and the link to the meeting is also shown. If you would like guidance on using teams please contact us. Governors do not need to register but if they require any notes or documentation they will be asked to provide their name, role and email address at the meeting. December 2nd, 18.30 - 19.30 - Statutory Relationships, RSE and Health Education in the PSHE curriculum Presented by Ca…

Governor visits

Background Governing boards are recommended to prepare and approve a policy on Governors’ visits, in consultation with their school. Governors should plan visits to learn about a wide range of school activity and each visit should have a clear focus. These visits assist in enabling Governors to fulfil their statutory responsibility for the conduct of the school. Local Guidance Governor Visit Guidance and Model Policy DfE Guidance Governor visits

Governor Zone

Governor guidance during the Coronavirus pandemic The Governor Zone covers everything from the governor times to policies and documents. Telephone: 01296 674 770 Email: Governor Details Update If you haven't already, would ALL Governors please complete the Governor Details Form. (Maintained and Academy Schools): Governor Details Form

Guidance for Meetings Online

Whilst we continue to be unable to meet face to face, the use of apps such as Zoom / Teams / Google is increasing, along with a rise in the risks associated with this form of communication. It doesn't matter what you are using there a re still some who are determined to exploit others, be it for malicious intent or fun. Zoom bombings are becoming a trend, often involving people sharing indecent images, sometimes of children, in live meetings, or annotating of the screen with racist words. The f…

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