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BASL aims to : provide advice, support and professional development for school leaders maintain and promote awareness of developments in school leadership act as an advocate for the needs of school leaders, both locally and nationally Eligibility for BASL membership All schools, whether you are in Buckinghamshire or not, are entitled to subscribe to membership of the Academy. Fees are invoiced at the start of the academic year. Only Buckinghamshire headteachers are able…

Beaconsfield Liaison Group

Greater Depth Writing continued development of teaching & learning practices in years 3 to 5 to ensure a progressive journey Description Stephanie Hilder provide twilight training Class teachers across the LG working together Development of strategies for effective moderation across KS2 Liaison with secondary year 7s Outcomes Closing the gap between the number of children receiving GDS in reading and writing

Behaviour & wellbeing

Well being support for pupils during the Coronavirus pandemic Well being support for staff during the Coronavirus pandemic School provision during the Coronavirus pandemic These pages contain advice, guidance template letters and much more around pupil wellbeing, welfare and behaviour issues.

Behaviour and pupil welfare

For information on background, local and DfE guidance for Statutory and Non-Statutory documents please click on any of the topic areas above.

Behaviour policy

Applies to: Maintained Schools Academies Free Schools Pupil Referral Units Independent Schools Non-Maintained Special Schools Background The headteacher must decide the standard of behaviour of pupils and set out measures in the behaviour policy. These take account of any guidance or notification provided by the governing board. The headteacher must publicise the school behaviour policy, in writing, to staff, parents and pupils at least once a year. Strategie…

Behaviour principles

Applies to Maintained Schools Pupil Referral Units Non-Maintained Special Schools Background From time to time the governing board must make and review a written statement of general principles to which the headteacher is to have regard in determining the behaviour policy of the school. Review frequency Governing board free to determine. Approval Full governing board or a committee of the governing board. Legislation Education and Inspections Act 2006: Sec…

Bernwode Liaison Group

To develop the profile and expertise of middle subject leaders, especially in foundation subjects, in relation to the new OFSTED framework. Description Training given on the new OFSTED framework Create subject leader network meetings Training on completing a deep dive Sharing good practice between schools Sharing long term planning documents Training on how to help children learn more, know more and remember more Outcomes Subject leaders have an improved know…

BESST Governor Training

Welcome to BESST – Buckinghamshire Education School Support & Training. BESST is the new traded school improvement and governor services arm of Buckinghamshire Council. We provide support, training and development opportunities to schools and academies across Buckinghamshire in school leadership and governance. Led by our experienced team, BESST services will enable school leaders to keep up to date and support the implementation of best practice across Buckinghamshire. Our services will…

Breast ironing

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board Guidance What is breast ironing? Breast ironing is practiced in all ten regions of Cameroon and has been reported in Benin, Ivory Coast, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Togo, Zimbabwe and Guinea-Conakry. The charity CAWODIGO – CAME Women and Girls is concerned that African immigrants have brought breast ironing practice with them to the UK. In their efforts to reduce the number of affected girls and women, CAME provides training for Cameroonian orga…

Buckingham & Winslow Liaison Group

Developing provision for reading across the primary phase Description Work with Kat Pennington to:Explore how reading is both led and taught across the schools and how we can build the capacity of others to improve the outcomes for all children Review the culture, systems and practices surrounding reading at the individual schools; Use resources and audit materials to help leaders assess reading within their school; Introduce the Talk for Reading Process; Ensure that we get…

Buckinghamshire education standards report

The Education Standards Report is produced every year and placed before the Council Cabinet and the Children's Social Care and Learning Select Committee. The latest report is available below: Summary Report Detail Report

Bucks Challenge Group

This project aims to explore in further detail the local and national issue of closing attainment gaps for specific groups of pupils. Whether the language that we have used for raising the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils has been one of ‘closing the gap’ or ‘diminishing difference’, the issue has been prominent in society at large and also within Buckinghamshire for as long as any of us can recall. The events will be particularly helpful for Headteachers, Governors and those respon…


The JRSO Bulletins are grouped in themes, so you can download a bulletin to suit the needs of your school and what’s going on at the time.


Background Every school must have measures in place to prevent all forms of bullying. Section 89 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 provides that maintained schools must have measures to encourage good behaviour and prevent all forms of bullying amongst pupils. These measures should be part of the school’s behaviour policy which must be communicated to all pupils, school staff and parents. The Independent School Standards Regulations 2010 provides that the proprietor of an Acade…


The NSPCC website provides advice and guidance on a range of subject areas including bullying. Peer-on-peer abuse toolkit Peer-on-peer abuse is any form of physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse, and coercive control, exercised between children and within children's relationships (both intimate and non-intimate). The Safeguarding Unit at Farrer & Co has produced the attached template peer-on-peer abuse policy (template policy), which encapsulates a Contextual Safeguarding app…

Burnham Liaison Group

Subject Leader Development including Deep Dive Training, Moderation with a focus on writing, More able Writers Group, Resilience and wellbeing Description Subject leader collaboration session each term with agreed focus Enhanced local collaboration and cross school visits Regular liaison writing moderation sessions Surveys to measure above Development of More able writers group/ project Outcomes Increased writing outcomes Enhanced staff skills and knowledge o…

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