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Radicalisation (Safeguarding Toolkit)

Ramadan guidance


Record Keeping Audit Tool (Safeguarding Toolkit)


The recruitment service assists schools in sourcing the most skilled, talented and motivated candidates for permanent, fixed term vacancies and temp agency posts.

Subscription to the Resourcing Package required


Managing change in schools, including redundancy and policy change

Subscription to the HR employee relations advisory service core package required

Referrals to First Response (Safeguarding Toolkit)

Religious education

We seek to ensure that all pupils in our schools develop spiritually, academically, emotionally and morally.

Residential visits - charges for

Retention of Documents (Finance)

Prime (Original) documentation has to be retained for future use/reference.


How to apply for retirement; financial advice; how to process a request

Available to maintained schools or schools subscribing to the Payroll & Transactions Management or HR employee relations advisory service core packages

Revenue to Capital

For maintained schools, any capital project first needs to be agreed with the Local Authority

Revised Budget/ABL

Risk assessments

Health and safety, risk assessments and alerts from the HR Zone

Roles on the school Governing Body

When Governors have been appointed they may be assigned to various roles and responsibilities within the governing body.

Subscription to Governor Services required

Routine Playground Inspection Course

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