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Information about your premises including buildings, outside area and energy efficiency.

Available to Bucks schools only

Managing Fire Safety Course (formally Fire Risk Assessor Training)

Manual handling guidelines (H & S policies 5.1)

Health & Safety policies and guidelines

Subscription to H & S required

Manual Handling Training of Objects

Maternity leave

Guidance about leave.

Subscription to HR employee relations advisory service core package required


Mediation is a process whereby an appropriately trained mediator works with people who are experiencing conflict and disputes.

Medical conditions: supporting pupils (Governor policy)

Guidance and policies for Governors

Medicines; administration record book

Health and safety, risk assessments and alerts from the HR Zone

Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

Migrant workers

It is illegal to employ somebody who has no right to work in the UK

subscription to the Payroll & Transactions Management package required


Minutes and agendas for Governing Body meetings

View, print and download agendas and minutes for your governing body meetings.

Subscription to Governor Services required

Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings (Governors)

Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings of the governing body and its committees

Model Child Protection Policy

Model Code of Conduct for Governors

Model Health and Safety Statement

Health and safety, risk assessments and alerts from the HR Zone

Model pay policy

Paying teachers and support staff

Model policy; debt recovery

Model United Nations (MUN)

Multi Agency Referral Form (Common Referral Form)

Multi Agency Referral Form (Safeguarding Toolkit)

Multi Sensory Impairment Team

Music tuition - charges for

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