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Language Team (Specialist Teaching Service)

Lease guidance for schools

Leases are classified as either finance leases or operating leases.

Ledger Codes (SIMS)

SIMS downloads

Subscription to Schools ICT required


HB Public Law provides a legal advice and representation service.

Legionella guidelines (H & S policies 4.4)

Health & Safety policies and guidelines

Subscription to H & S required

Legionella Training Course


Information for maintained schools, academies and local authorities on copyright licensing in schools.

Local Authority Governors

Advice and guidance to help governors understand and monitor policy management.

Local Authority Governors

There are many different categories of governor, including parent governors, staff governors and foundation governors.

Long service awards

Buckinghamshire County Council rewards and recognises length of service of 10, 15 and 25 years.

Long service to Bucks awards

Pay information

HR employee relations advisory service core package OR Payroll

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