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GDPR guidance

GDPR; (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.

Governing Body Constitution

Whereas once schools operated as autonomous entities, you will now hear talk of partnerships, collaborations, hard federations, soft federations, academies, sponsors and multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Governing Body roles

When Governors have been appointed they may be assigned to various roles and responsibilities within the governing body.

Governor Committees

Most governing boards establish committees to assist in carrying out their work and may delegate some governing board functions to these committees.

Governor meeting minutes and agendas

View, print and download agendas and minutes for your governing body meetings.

Subscription to Governor Services required

Governor Visits Guidance (Gov policies)

Governing Bodies are recommended to prepare and approve a policy on Governors’ visits

Governor Zone

Governors’ allowances (schemes for paying)

Governor procedures for allowances

Graduated approach

The SEN team co-ordinates the assessment process and allocates school placements for statemented pupils.

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