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Fair Access Board

The Fair Access Board is the decision making body that delivers the intentions all schools have signed up to under the Statement of Intent.

Available to Bucks schools only

Family Information Service

Providing information to Buckinghamshire families

Finance committee (Governing Body)

The whole governing board decides how to spend the budget and must approve the school budget plan submitted to the LEA at the beginning of the financial year. The governing board should also approve any changes to the budget plan during the year, unless it delegates this function to the Finance Committee.

Finance Packages

Finance timetable and responsibilities - maintained schools

Finance training and courses

Finance Zone

Financial Management (Gov policies)

Financial plan: 3 year

A 3 year plan is required as part of the financial planning process.

Financial Year End Procedures

Details and downloads for Year End Procedures and timetables are available here.

Fire Warden Training Course

Fireworks (H & S policies 4.6)

Health & Safety policies and guidelines

Subscription to H & S required

Fleet management

Fleet management information

Bucks schools only

Flexible working

Flexible working is an employment benefit which is offered to assist in the balance of family and work life.

Subscription to the HR employee relations advisory service core package required

FMS guidance

ICT Zone SIMS guidance and help

Subscription to Schools ICT required

FMS guidance

ICT Zone FMS guidance and help

Subscription to Schools ICT required

Food Hygiene Training

Forms; HR

Subscription to the Payroll & Transactions Management Package required

Foundation Governors

Advice and guidance to help governors understand and monitor policy management.

Foundation Governors

There are many different categories of governor, including parent governors, staff governors and foundation governors.

Free Childcare for 2 year old

Free childcare is available for 2 year olds, for 15 hours a week during the school term, at the start of the term following your child's second birthday


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