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Basic Fire Safety Awareness Course

Basic Tree Survey and Inspection course

Before & after schools clubs (Finance)

Benefits (for Bucks employees)

Buckinghamshire is a great place to be and, with the range of benefits available to you as an employee, the County Council is a great place to work.

Available to maintained schools and schools subscribing to the HR employee relations advisory service core package

Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

Providing information to Buckinghamshire families

Buckinghamshire Learning Trust

Buckinghamshire Learning Trust is an educational charity delivering a comprehensive range of services to schools and early years settings, including school and early years improvement, specialist teaching, CPD and other key support services.

Buckinghamshire School Improvement Strategy

Buckinghamshire’s School Improvement Strategy has been developed in partnership with schools and academies and has been influenced and driven by Buckinghamshire County Council, Headteachers, Governors, and school improvement providers and partners

Available to Bucks schools only

Bucks Pay Employment Conditions

The conditions on this page apply to all Buckinghamshire County Council employees in Schools employed Bucks Pay Conditions of Service.

Bucks pay scales

Bucks pay scales

Budget Forecasting

Budget Monitoring


Budgets: funding


Available to Bucks schools only

Bullying (Safeguarding Toolkit)

Bullying policy

Information about conduct, discipline, whistleblowing

Subscription to the HR employee relations advisory service core package required

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